Sit. Shake. Stay.
That’s The Muttz Way.

Dogs are the best, so we take our business cues from them. First, let’s sit down together over a coffee, a cocktail, or a meal and get to know each other. Next, we’ll shake on it and commit to finding you the perfect home! Then, we’ll stay—because at Muttz, you’re not just getting a Realtor; you’re getting a relationship. We’ll stick around to celebrate at your housewarming party, and we’ll be around any time you’re ready to make your next real estate move.

John Zupancic

Principal Broker, Owner, Realtor

John founded Muttz Realty in 2021. John is on the Board of Directors for the Nashville Industry Fund.

John moved to Nashville, TN in June of 2016 and toured the country as a professional drummer for a year and a half before settling in the city to plant roots with his wife, Alex. When John and Alex purchased their first house, he found a new love in real estate. John got his real estate license in hopes that he could use compassion, relatability, and knowledge to make a huge financial decision a little more realistic and less scary for his clients. After becoming one of the top agents at Partners Real Estate, John realized he was ready to modernize the industry through his own firm, and Muttz Realty was born.

Favorite sips: Red Phone Booth

Favorite snacks: Vui’s Kitchen

Off the clock: You’ll find John with his wife, Alex (who owns Yoga Muttz Movement Lounge, a yoga studio and personal training gym in Nashville) and their 5 dogs (Hank, Moose, Norman, Josi, and Coach), 2 cats (BabyCat and Poncho) and 2 rabbits (Captain and Lady).

Give me a call: (317) 285-9735

Colin Maher


Colin has been a Realtor® for a little over a year now and was able to accomplish a ton in his first 12 months. Colin is extremely personable, easy to work with, and very knowledgeable in all things Nashville. When he is not selling houses, Colin can be found working with some of the biggest and best bands in the music industry, as he is one of the top and highest regarded entertainment lawyers in the Nashville. He and his wife, Brittney, have 2 sons, Levi and Des. They also have 2 dogs (Tuuka and Hendrix) and a cat (Chloe).

Give me a call: (978) 210-1241

Michael Cox


A California native, Michael moved to Nashville 15 years ago and never looked back. He loves hot summers, so he’s in the right place. He’s always been fascinated by real estate, and he frequented open houses long before he became an agent! It takes an insightful person to listen to a buyer’s needs and find that special gem to call home—and with Michael, that’s exactly what you’ll get.

Favorite sips: Home or The Never Ever

Favorite snacks: The Optimist or Miel

Off the clock: Michael is always cooking up something, from delicious meals to beautiful herbal potions and lotions.

Give me a call: (615) 332-2049

Pedro Navas


The son of an immigrant, Pedro was raised helping his dad with his real estate business and knew from a young age he wanted to follow in those footsteps. He’s called Nashville home for 11 years, and he knows this city and its market well. He’s obsessed with the hunt and finding a great deal for his clients—so you can bet he’ll work hard to find you the best home around!

Favorite sips: Attaboy

Favorite snacks: Henley

Off the clock: Pedro listens to a lot of podcasts, and he assures us that 2x speed is the only way to go. When he’s not working, you’ll find him enjoying great coffee and futbol and spending time with his young family, including Strawberry the fish.

Give me a call: (954) 662-1809

AG Wright


Born in Georgia and raised in Tennessee, AG relocated to Nashville 10 years ago for a job in the music industry. After spending a couple of years working in the industry, AG started investing in property in Nashville and realized the benefit of homeownership in a booming city. Having lived in Germantown, East Nashville, and most recently Old Hickory – AG knows her way around Nashville and all that this city has to offer!

Favorite sips: Rosemary & Beauty Queen

Favorite snacks: Folk

Off the clock: AG loves to renovate – and spends a lot of time on DIY projects at home. AG also loves interior design and decorating – often helping others make their house feel like home through styling. AG and her wife, Juli have two adorable pups named Kona and Dozer!

Give me a call: (423) 771-0098

Erin Persinger


A Florida girl turned Tennessee resident through her soccer career at Maryville College (Go Scots!), Erin’s lived in Nashville for 5 years. Since she was young, she begged her mom to take her to open houses. She believes homes are storytellers, full of new chapters with every resident. Erin loves to imagine all the possibilities each home can provide, and she can’t wait to help clients start the next chapter of their story.

Favorite sips: The Fox

Favorite snacks: Virago

Off the clock: In her free time, you’ll catch her at the gym, enjoying the outdoors, or enjoying one of Nashville’s incredible music venues.

Give me a call: (239) 851-8123

Sam Guidi


Sam’s pretty new to Nashville, but her love for the city is strong. She settled into Nashville life in early 2021. She’s always loved searching for homes and checking out properties, so real estate was an obvious—and perfect, in our opinion—next step.

Favorite sips: The Fox or Underdog

Favorite snacks: Red Headed Stranger or Slow Burn

Off the clock: Sam made the move to Nashville to be closer to family, so you’ll often catch her spending time with her sister and exploring the city.

Give me a call: (423) 902-8953

Janelle Canopy


Janelle moved to Nashville from Chicago a couple of years ago, and she has been busy—starting grad school, changing careers, and buying her first home. She found her way into real estate after helping her boyfriend flip his first home. She fell in love with finding properties with great potential!

Favorite sips: Skull’s Rainbow Room

Favorite snacks: 5th and Taylor

Off the clock: Janelle is a whiz in the kitchen! You can also find her cheering on the Packers every Sunday.

Give me a call: (309) 202-8655

Madison Patton


Originally from Oregon, Madison and her husband relocated to Nashville seven years ago. They still love life here with their two dogs, Java and Rayleigh. The growth of the city has been so exciting to Madison. She loves settling homeowners into their perfect new place as they discover Nashville’s endless possibilities and potential.

Favorite snacks: Chef & I

Off the clock: Outside of work, you’ll find Madison reading, baking or practicing Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.

Give me a call: (615) 955-0663

Manning Flaum


A rare born-and-bred Nashville native, Manning knows exactly what it’s like to put down roots in Music City, USA. While some may feel intimidated searching through hundreds of listings to find a place to live, Manning enjoys the process of finding houses his friends, family members, and clients will turn into their dream homes. 

Favorite Snacks: Darfons

Favorite Sips: Wine Down

Off the Clock: Since running his first marathon in 2019, Manning enjoys running the Greenway trail. When he’s not hitting the trails, he’s likely cuddling his three cats – Spike, Felicia, and Molly – or going out to play trivia.

Give me a call: (629) 244-1254

Lauren Keith


Lauren moved to Nashville 5 years ago with no job, but quickly fell in love with this city. A few fantastic years later, she loves her community, her work, and calling Tennessee home. She bought her first home through Muttz, and she loves offering that same personable experience to other Nashville transplants.

Favorite sips: Just give her a rooftop or a patio and she’s happy!

Favorite snacks: Oku or Germantown Café

Off the clock: You just might find her on a plane! Lauren’s been to over 30 countries. When she’s in Nashville, you might just see her paddling down the Harpeth or diving into a project on her new home

Give me a call: (970) 231-2577

Chandler Wellmann


Originally from Texas, Chandler came to Nashville after playing Men’s Volleyball at King University in Bristol. After four years of collegiate volleyball coaching at Austin Peay State while earning a master’s degree, he made the career change to real estate. It’s the perfect harmony of connecting with other humans and creating a positive impact in the city.

Favorite sips: Van Dyke or Pearl Diver

Favorite snacks: Butchertown Hall or Superica

Off the clock: Catch Chandler working out at various Nashville studios, trying new restaurants and bars, coaching (and sometimes playing) volleyball. He also enjoys spending time with his husband and their two dogs, Winston Henry and Phoebe Eloise.

Give me a call: (979) 203-6454

Bailey Thompson

Social Media Manager

Bailey is originally from San Diego, California. She is a senior at Ole Miss studying Integrated Marketing and Communications, set to graduate in December. She’s looking forward to visiting us in Nashville in her free time and applying her skills with us! 

Favorite sips: A nice glass of Cabernet or an ice cold beer in any outdoor location

Favorite snacks: Anything you put in front of her!

Off the clock: Bailey spends most of her time tending to school but books aside she loves being surrounded by her friends whether that be at a bar, restaurant or even just relaxing on the couch. Currently, Bailey looks forward to cheering on her Ole Miss team at the grove on the weekend! Hotty Toddy! 

Let’s grab that drink! Coffee, kombucha, cocktails – you name it.

Anyone on our team would be stoked to connect with you and learn how we can help!